Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wild Wild Life

wild life is so wonderful~
we must not destroy it..
together we save the world!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010



Tuesday, March 2, 2010


270210 terrible morning

it was a nice morning before it happened...
the story begun..

early in the morning, 6am,
we meet at lab..
5 of us, kong, taushen, khinhooi, and tam..and i..
we have our first morning exercise in UTM..
we jog from p19 to padang kawad..we pass through tasik..we pass rumah alumni..finally we reach
padang kawad..
at there, we jog about 5 round..
give us a big was too much for our little gal,Tam
she was only able to jog for one n a half round..
then kong faint as well when we have come to the third round..

i, taushen n hooi still continue jogging.. the fifth round..all of us..x boleh tahan liao..haha
this was the first time..5 round is consider good ad..

u dono how big a round is..haha..
after our morning exercise..we straight away ran to Mcd..outside..
haha..we have energy left for this=.=

then we take our breakfast there..
till was still a good n nice morning..

after we finish our breakfast..we went back n sleep..
then i receive a call from my fren saying that his motor has broken down
so, he need my help..
i prepared a motor for him and ride him to taman U to buy accessories..
just after i went out from UTM..i speed up to 80kmj
not we were in highway..

a few minutes, we reach a U-turn..but i just discovered that my speed has not decrease..
we fall was so lucky that there was no car behind us..we save our life..
i injured myself...>.<..

haha..still alive..
after that..i screw my whole day..damn..
painful..painful..n painful..
now it recover..really thank to my bed.. muakss..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

kaipeng n JS birthday 23-2-10

it was no different as compared other day

we are having class as usual
E2 lecturer pass down our result for previous test
i was just manage to score 32.5 over 40
however i consult myself not to be sad, try hard next time

just after class, they plan to have class gathering for new year
first thought: le le steamboat...(omg!! steamboat again!!why always steamboat?)
second thought: ramen.(hmm..may be can full my stomach>.<)
final thought: karaoke buffet(wah!never thought of this)

they say karaoke cheap n valuable wor..then i just follow..
we went tebrau redbox..
i feel dizzy to sing a song..
bad in mood..
this was the first time o..never experience this bad feeling for not to sing
finally.. i grab a book n got into sheng's car
it was not a long journey from utm to tebrau
but it was a happy journey
we enjoy chatting around..

soon, we reach redbox..
they started to sing..
i first fill my empty stomach..
after a few plate of snack..i was full
haha..then i started to read my book

it was so suprisingly that i can focus inside the box..enjoying the sound effect around
they should have thought that i was crazy..

haha..ya..i was a crazy guy..
finally..they take out cake..
we sang birthday song together..

"happy birthday to u"
"happy birthday to u"
"happy birthday to u"
"happy birthday to u"

happy birthday to kaipeng n JS..
all the best^^